My wife and I are Halloween obsessed, and we make it into a big deal at CenterSEE and hold a big annual Halloween sex party. We recently attended the annual Son of Monsterpalooza convention looking for ideas. You can read more more about it on Sex in Review in the Monsterous Sex article.

One of our theme rooms is the Tacky Tiki Terror room. Think Tiki bar in hell. I was looking for art that was sexy, Tiki themed, and horror themed. An impossible mission, you might think. I found three decorative items for the room- two pieces of art and an erotic Tiki themed horror comic.

Another themed room is Annabelle’s Room, inspired by the original Annabelle film and the just released sequel. It just so happened that they had the doll from the movie, and I snapped a picture of it. I turned it into what looks like a painting, and it will hang in Annabelle’s room.

There were some pictures that were interesting but not all that sexy, so I thought I would include them here.

One of the most amazing costumes was a perfect Chewbacca. He roared and was carrying the ripped off head of C3PO. He could make the head talk and make various sounds just by pressing different fingers together.


Another outfit made by a 17 year old was also impressive-


This life sized statue had a bleeding heart fountain inside and cool lighting.


Ronald McDonald’s severed head seems to be inappropriately staring at that woman.


Speaking of head, I can’t imagine anyone would want head from this guy-

I can’t wait for Halloween. At the same time, I am so glad it is still a month away as we are only half way done with the decorating.

Behind the Scenes of the Golden Age of Cinema Show

While I try and keep up with what is going on, I was completely unaware of the The Golden Age of Adult Cinema show. It is a series of three different shows over the course of three weekends, and we do a review of the first night on Sex in Review.

A good friend who is a bit of a mainstream celebrity clued me in, as he was friends with the producer, although this is not the type of show he normally goes to. Like me, my friend has a background in magic, and we were both acting around the same time, so we have a lot in common. While I left acting, he went on to have a really amazing career.

We all went together, but whenever we go anywhere with him, he is recognized and graciously poses for pictures. He is often approached by very sexy women, and he is a bit of a flirt. He is also very gregarious, so it seems like wherever we go with him, tons of people know him.

This event was the first time we have gone anywhere where I felt like I knew more people, and wound up talking to more beautiful women than he did. I was wearing my journalist hat (not literally, as the hats are really dorky looking, although I did see a journalist at the AEE who was wearing the classic 1930s look ironically and really pulled it off). Being a journalist lets you talk to everyone, and while my friend got stuck in a corner for much of the time after the show talking to a young actress seeking career advice, Kris and I hit the after-party and flirted with porn stars. We also got a chance to talk with a number of very interesting people.

I was happy to run into a number of people that I knew. For me, it was nice having been away from writing about the adult industry scene for many years to not be completely forgotten. There were even a couple of women there whose radio shows I was on years ago.

We met one woman who was there to help a friend. She told us a very amusing and outrageous story about her days running a dungeon in New York in the 90s. I wish I had permission to repeat it.

We met another woman also just there to help a friend (really) who Kris thought looked familiar, and it turned out that she was a fellow magician (while I am officially retired from performing, Kris is doing magic again after taking a break for several years). We had seen her at a magician’s only lecture at the Magic Castle. It is a small world.

The BTS blog is a place where I get to add things that got left out of the review or article on Sex in Review. In this case, I completely forgot to mention Rhonda Jo Petty, who had a table with a number of interesting items for sale. Her first release was Disco Lady in 1978, but she is probably best remembered as a bustier Farrah Fawcett look-alike, and there was an arguable similarity. She is in the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO (X-Rated Critics Association) Hall of Fame. I took a shot of her in a great pose, and was most disappointed to discover that it was out of focus.

If you are in L.A. and like the stars and films from the Golden Age of Adult Cinema, check out our review and try and see the show.

Getting Ready for Halloween

I worked as a professional magician and comedian in my younger days, and then spent a number of years working in the entertainment industry, as did my wife Kris. We still have lots of friends in entertainment, and one of the areas that merged between magic and show business was knowing a number of people who do special effects and makeup for movies and television. That also ties in with our love of Halloween.

You’ll read about just how extensively we love Halloween and the major sex themed Halloween party we throw every year on the Sex in Review site towards the end of September when we do our Halloween Preview. We’ll have full coverage of last year’s party with tons of ideas you can do your self (and a free nude female ghost video you can download with instructions on how to use it). We’ll also have articles on sexy costumes, and Halloween appropriate sex toys.

Looking for ideas for Halloween, we attended the Son of Monsterpalooza convention over the weekend. This is a show for fans of monsters and horror. There were not nearly as many sexy costumes as there were at Wondercon, but a topless woman did come in second for the costume contest.


She looks naked in the pic but she is clothed behind the giant check, and she is wearing pasties. The winner was quite amazing as well as horrifying though. Conjoined elderly twins, although underneath all the latex it was just a couple of kids.


Afterwards it was off to a private party. One of the things I love about L.A. is its diversity and all the amazingly interesting people you encounter. It is certainly one of the best places to meet people from the world of entertainment. At this party there were actors, directors, make-up people and creature designers. I moved around from cluster to cluster trying to catch as much conversation as I could and wishing I could be everywhere at once.

Don Post Jr. was there. He is an extremely pleasant gentleman, especially considering all the horror he has brought us. His father was known as the Godfather of Halloween, having founded a company in 1938 that produced the best Halloween masks for decades. Don Post Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps. Did you know that the mask that the Michael Myers character wore in the original Halloween film was a modified Don Post mask of William Shatner?

Also in attendance was Ron Chaney. His grandfather Lon Chaney, and father, Lon Chaney Jr., were pretty famous in the horror business. We have run into Ron a couple of other times in the past year. He is also extremely pleasant and full of interesting stories. In fact, monster people in general are some of the nicest people you will encounter. We first ran into him when we wound up sitting next to him at a screening of a restored presentation of Phantom of the Opera.

The story behind Phantom of the Opera is very interesting. Shot in 1924, the test showing was not favorably reviewed. It was then reshot with a different director to be more comedic. The test audience booed it off the screen. It was up to famed director and editor Lois Weber to cut together the various footage into what has become a classic.

You can learn more about Lois Weber by visiting the Erotic University virtual campus and going to the RTV department. That is where the Lois Weber Theater is located, and you can read about the woman who is considered one of the most important directors of the silent era, and certainly the most versatile as a hugely successful actor, writer, director, and producer. You can also watch a screening of one of her films in which she both starred and directed, where she appears nude throughout. It was pretty racy for 1915.