Almost There

It has taken years, but this month we will finish the biggest project ever undertaken at CenterSEE.  It will introduce three new art galleries, most in high definition resolution-


Masters of Western Nude and Erotic Art

500 artists – 23,500 works of art (19,500 HD and 4,000 SD)


Western Nude and Erotic Art Survey

3000 works of art

200 artists – 1500 (1,250 HD and 250 SD)

25 Etchers – 1000 works of art

500 individual works by 500 artists


Asian Nude and Erotic Art Collection

1,000 works of art

Japanese Artists – 25 artists – 500 works of art

Eastern Artists – 500 works of art


A companion book for the collection will also be introduced- Passion! Artists and Their Nudes.  It catalogs the 27,500 works of nude and erotic art in three of the galleries in the CenterSEE Digital Art Collection, with biographies of 750 artists in the collection. It is in EBook format, and tops out at over 700 pages.

The book will be available on Amazon, and the art will be available on our site.