Upcoming Books

Sex and the Arts

This is a five volume series covering painters, illustrators, theater, photography and the movies. Volumes 1 and 2 are finished. For more information, go to our Sexual Heritage Preservation Project page.

Coming out Swinging

Jeff Booth’s sexual autobiography follows his journey with his wife through many non-traditional sexual explorations. It is based on the detailed contemporaneous notes he took at the time. Happily together their entire adult lives, Jeff and Kris had early involvement with the nudist community, got introduced to BDSM, accidentally fell into swinging, and explored polyamory together, all through the context of his wife’s blossoming bisexuality.

Jeff, already an established writer, began writing books and articles about sex and interviewing everyone from porn stars to sex experts for his Internet podcast, The Jeff Booth Show. His online publication Sex in Review, which ran for some 20 years, covered live fetish events, along with sex and porn and swinger conventions, and countless adult product reviews. He lectured and did talks on swinging, erotic games, and sex toys, both live and on cable and network television. He was on the board of advisors for the largest swing club in the U.S. at the time, and was on the board of advisors for a clothing-optional swing resort in Palm Springs. He sold sex toys online for several years. His wife was a centerfold and covergirl in adult magazines, and they both appeared in adult sex educational movies.

While his book Adventurous Couples is a how-to guide on exploring alternative sexuality, Coming Out Swinging goes into very personal detail about what all of these experiences are actually like. It is a deeply intimate, explicit and uncensored view of the world of alternative sexual explorations.

Available from Amazon in early 2023.

Adventurous Couples

Jeff Booth is an acknowledged expert on the subject of how couples can enhance and add to their sex lives, and has discussed the subject many times on television, radio, and in live seminars. This book shares the practical how-tos from what he has learned over a lifetime of sexual exploration with his wife and partner, Kris Booth.

Check out the AdventurousCouples.com web site to learn more about the book.

Los Angeles Magazine called him one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on the topic.

The topics include nudism and naturism, sex toys, games, erotic travel, swinging, BDSM, bisexuality, erotic massage, couples video and photography, and more.

Release Date: mid 2023

The Erotic Photography of Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth has shot thousands of photographs of models, porn stars, bondage models, erotic performers, and people in erotic environments. In this collection of 100 of his favorite photographs, he tells the stories of how the photos were created. He takes you behind the scenes to porn shoots, adult conventions, sex clubs, and private parties.

A release date has not yet been announced.

The Encyclopedia of Adult Amusements

A major update to a long out of print book by Jeff, this is a massive collection of adult games throughout history with an erotic or sexy element to them. It also includes other amusements with sexual themes, such as limericks, puzzles, and wordplay. Along the way there is a bit of history surrounding the games and when they were popular and why.