Upcoming Books

Passion: Artists and Their Nudes


This nearly 450,000 word companion book written by CenterSEE founder Jeff Booth is a supplement to the CenterSEE Nude and Erotic Art Collections. It features biographies of 850 artists, and catalogs over 30,000 works of art in three of the CenterSEE Art Collections.

The CenterSee art galleries covered are: Western Masters of Nude and Erotic Art, World Nude and Erotic Art (both in HD resolution), and Unacceptable Nudity comprising the lower resolution images. It includes biographies of all 500 artists in Western Masters of Nude and Erotic Art, and biographies of all 300 Western artists in World Nude and Erotic Art.  In addition, there are biographies of 25 Japanese artists, and 25 Etchers and Engravers.

The cover image is based on a painting titled Artist and Model by Victor Schivert (1863-1926). It is made up of 5,000 different tiled paintings, all from the Masters of Nude and Erotic Art collection. Click on the image to see it at full size.

It will be available Fall 2018 for purchase on Amazon.com. It is intended as a study guide to use with the galleries of art.

Long Lingering Look- The Erotic Photography of Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth has shot thousands of photographs of models, porn stars, bondage models, erotic performers, and people in erotic environments. In this collection of 100 of his favorite photographs, he tells the stories of how the photos were created. He takes you behind the scenes to porn shoots, adult conventions, sex clubs, and private parties.

It will be available on Amazon in early 2019.