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Go Virgin Pride

I’m a proud 27 year old virgin waiting for the right woman to share the gift of God’s love, but not until the wedding night, of course. On this site, I share my thoughts about the proper role of sex, and why I believe that not having sex is so important. TAKE THE PLEDGE Abstinence and Moderation Pledge I promise …Continue reading →

Ten Ways to Not Have Sex

There will be temptations, and while I don’t consider myself a sex expert (and we know what THOSE people are like), I do consider myself an expert on not having sex. Here are some tips. Don’t date plain women. Really beautiful women know that they don’t have to put out. Plain women feel that they need an edge, so they …Continue reading →

Secret to Marriage: Don’t Treat Your Wife Like a Whore

Experts say that the divorce rate is now 50%, which means almost one out of every two couples gets divorced. That is pretty appalling. Things did not used to be that way. There was a time when women were treated as women. That’s the way they expect to be treated. Now we treat them as whores. The real truth, and …Continue reading →

Curing Homosexuality: The Obvious Solution

It is a well-known fact that homosexuals can not reproduce, so where will the next generation of future homosexuals come from? They have to make them, of course, through an aggressive campaign of recruiting. This takes place in our schools, in bars, and anywhere homosexuals can get access to the weak of mind. It is easy to make homosexuality appealing. …Continue reading →

Why Masturbation Leads to Death

Modern sex educators have been going around telling people that masturbation is normal, that it is okay. It feels good, just do it, like some ad for a Nike commercial. For some people, not masturbating can be difficult once the habit is picked up. A favorite anti-porn Web site of mine suggests that you imagine that every time you masturbate, …Continue reading →

Living in Sin: Failed Experiment that Lasts an Eternity

They say that increasing numbers of people are now living in sin. Cohabitation is the fancy word they use for it. Studies show that many of the people living together don’t stay together. The experiment is an absolute and total failure. It is a well documented fact that women who live with men before marriage tend to be less educated, …Continue reading →

Oral Sex: Maw Straight to Hell

If you read the popular press, it sounds like everyone is doing it. Thanks to a pervert adulterous President, now everyone is aware of the vile practice of mouth to genital contact. It seems pretty obvious that if God had intended the two to come together, He would not have put them at opposite ends of our body. The excretory …Continue reading →