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The Sexual Heritage Preservation Project

Through this project, tens of thousands of books, cultural artifacts and works of art have been digitally preserved and enhanced. The results have been incorporated into many of the departments in the Erotic University free virtual campus. They are also incorporated into a number of other Center for Sexual Expression and Education projects and online classes.

All of the art goes through an extensive process. The goal is to produce finished works in HD resolution that come as close to looking like new as possible. Chips, stains, blemishes and cracks are removed. The images are color corrected, sharpened, color balanced, brightness and contrast adjusted, and many other steps are taken to make the image look as good as possible.

The CenterSEE Nude and Erotic Art Collections


There are several gallery collections featuring SHP Project art available to students to use as supplemental materials for Erotic University online classes. They can be accessed online and specific collections are available for purchase. All are in HD resolution.

Western Masters of Nude and Erotic Art focuses on 500 Western artists over a period of 500 years for whom nude and erotic works were a significant part of their output. There are over 24,200 works of art in this collection.

World Nude and Erotic Art Sampler includes 7099 works of art. This includes 1,000 works of art from artists in China, India, Mongolia, Persia, Japan and Turkey. There are 300 Western artists who generally did fewer nudes than those in our Western Masters collection, with over 2,000 works of art. There are over  1,000 etchings, engravings and lithographs from 25 artists who were known for this type of work. There are also galleries of one and two images with 779 individual works of art from 693 different Western artists.

Coming in the future are:

Masters of Erotic Illustration features over 200 illustrators and over 10,000 illustrations.

Masters of Erotic Photography features over 200 photographers and over 10,000 photographs

Sex on Screen features over 300 movie posters, hundreds of stills, and dozens of movie clips.

Live Nudes on Stage includes hundreds of theatrical posters and publicity photos.

unacceptable small

The Unacceptable Nudity gallery is currently available for free on our Sex and Censorship site. Unacceptable Nudity includes over 5,000 works of art from several hundred artists. These are all images that did not meet our high standards of quality for our main galleries, but were acceptable at a lower resolution of 500 pixels.

Passion: Artists and Their Nudes


This nearly 450,000 word (equivalent to around 1200 printed pages) companion eBook written by CenterSEE founder Jeff Booth is a supplement to the CenterSEE Nude and Erotic Art Collections. It features biographies of 850 artists, and catalogs works of art in two of the CenterSEE Art Collections. The CenterSEE art collections covered are: Western Masters of Nude and Erotic Art, and the World Nude and Erotic Art Sampler. It includes biographies of 500 artists in Western Masters of Nude and Erotic Art, and biographies of 350 artists in World Nude and Erotic Art. It is a massive project many years in the making, encompassing over 30,000 works of art from over 1500 known artists (the Asian section includes 400 anonymous works as so many Asian artists worked anonymously).

The cover image is based on a painting titled Artist and Model by Victor Schivert (1863-1926). It is made up of 5,000 different tiled paintings, all from the Masters of Nude and Erotic Art collection. Click on the image to see it at full size.

It will be available for purchase on Amazon.com in Spring 2019. Click here for other upcoming books from Jeff Booth.



This online virtual museum is part of the Erotic University History Department. It allows you to explore artifacts from our collections. This includes objects incorporating sex related design elements such as coins, stamps, canes, ephemera, and advertising.

We are currently working on adding 3D rotatable objects to the museum. Digitally representing three dimensional works of art is a much more complex undertaking. They need to be 3D scanned and cleaned up, a time consuming process that often requires visiting the collector or museum that holds the original. Once preserved, though, no matter what happens to the original, we’ll always have a digital version that can be viewed from all angles, offering a better viewing experience than even a real museum can provide.

sex and censorship small


This site promotes our five part series of classes on censorship in the arts currently under development. Each part makes extensive use of our art collections. This project is currently under hold while we redo our development tools, which will take us into 2019.

The first class to be released will be Art, Sex and Censorship. It includes class lecture by Jeff Booth on the history of the censorship of art, and a guided tour through the works of artists in the collection who had to deal with censorship. The other classes to follow are:

Books, Sex and Censorship, which will include access to books in the EU Library and a guided tour through many of the over 10,000 images in our Illustrations gallery.

Movies, Sex and Censorship includes a tour through the hundreds of publicity stills and posters in our collection.

Photography, Sex and Censorship includes a tour through our massive photographic collection and profiles the photographers who often risked arrest.

Theater, Sex and Censorship includes a tour through our large collection of production and performance related photographs and theatrical posters, including burlesque, vaudeville, tableau vivant, carnival strip shows, opera, and other live shows that incorporated sexuality and nudity.


The campus library is the repository of books in our Sexual Heritage Book Preservation project. Older and out of print books on sexuality are becoming increasingly difficult to find. They provide an important doorway into our past and our views on and expressions of sexuality. To preserve this sexual heritage, EU is working with collectors, publishers, authors, and volunteers to scan books that have fallen out of copyright or are donated to the public domain, and convert them into plain text and the EPub eBook format for free distribution.

We currently have hundreds of scanned books, but that is only part of the process. Scanning and text conversion is not a perfect process, and every scanned book needs to go through an editing process. Our Clean Up Dirty Books project needs volunteers to go through and edit our previously scanned books for scanning errors.

The library also includes exhibits incorporating art from the SHP Project. These exhibits change every month. They includes exhibits on paperback covers and the artists who created them, erotic marginalia, bookplates, illuminated manuscripts, extremely rare foredge erotica, and figurative alphabets.


The Visual Arts Department includes seven different themed galleries incorporating art from the SHP Project. The galleries change every single month.

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