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A Warm and Kinky December

It is December in Southern California. The other night I was sitting in a Jacuzzi at with an actress, and a fetish model. Both were gorgeous and like me, quite naked. It was a surprisingly warm and pleasant evening where you could run around naked outside and still be reasonably comfortable. I could not help but take a moment to appreciate life.

This was a BDSM party with a number of people in the industry- fetish models, performers, and professional doms. Our party host is very well liked in the community, and his parties attract a large number of lifestyle practitioners.

The pool was heated, and there was a tall suspension system over the pool that people could hang from. One extremely athletic woman in a very short skirt and no underwear climbed up the rope, and my wife and I were in the water directly below with what turned out to be the best seat in the house. There are worse places to be on a Saturday night.

The submissive of our party host is actually quite a talented artist. She had a bunch of new erotic art framed up on the walls along with the many other very nice works of erotic art throughout the house. Our host is friends with a number of well known artists and has some very unique pieces.

Of course there was an impressive dungeon. Underneath a king sized bed was a cage, which was actually a great place to people watch. There was a coffin you could have sex in. There was a very good selection of whipping and spanking implements available for use. There were spanking benches, and and other BDSM furniture.

Beyond having a well equipped dungeon, our host also has many well-equipped friends. This really was an exceptionally attractive crowd. Whether hanging in the pool naked with them or watching various scenes, there was much to stimulate the senses. There were even a few people attending from different parts of the country. It was a great opportunity to learn about the scene where they were from, and of course, the conversations often lead to learning about a lot of different things people are into and what their desires are.

I personally am not a big time dom. I have some skills, but many of the people here were masters in both senses of the term. There was much to be learned from them, and Kris and I are constantly learning and making the hard sacrifice of going out to all these different sex related events to make ourselves better teachers.  You’re welcome.