CenterSEE has many projects on behalf of our educational outreach mission. Our primary project is the Erotic University Virtual Campus. Many of the other projects work through the virtual campus, while others are stand-alone.

Erotic University is our innovative online environment featuring  an extensive virtual campus with online classes, galleries, a library, museum, student union, special events, and much more. There are 15 departments.

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Here are some of the projects affiliated with both CenterSEE and EU:


SiRBannersmallSex in Review provides an independent look at adult products and services to help consumers make better buying decisions. It also provides health and safety information. It is part of the EU Journalism Department.

Sex in Review

JBShowBannersmall Jeff Booth does three ten minute segments every week, each on a different topic. The segments are Jeff Booth’s Big Picture (a more detailed look at a sex related news story), Faith Friday (the intersection of sex and religion), and Sex Science Sunday¬† (the latest in sex science, both good and bad). It is part of the EU Radio, Television, Video Department.

The Jeff Booth Show on EU Radio

There are several web sites that we have developed that work to further our educational goals.


MRSRBannersmallThis cooperative effort involving sexologists and other sex experts is designed to provide authors and members of the media with easy access to experts on sexuality covering a wide range of topics. It is part of the EU Science Center.

The Media Research Sexuality Resource


SSSBannersmallA site focusing on sex science research from a skeptical perspective. It looks at research with poor protocols, inadequate sampling, or fraudulent findings. There is also a focus on research institutions and researchers with anti-sex, homophobic, or other agendas that color their conclusions and render their work unscientific and fraudulent. It is a project of the EU Science Center.

Sex Science Skeptic


This educational parody site is based on the character Melvin Clear, who parrots the usual pseudoscience and mythology of the abstinence only educational movement and the religious right. It appears to be a typical blog, but the commentary section after each entry explains Melvin’s fallacies, fears, and psychological issues leading to his over the top conclusions. It is a project of the EU Psychology Department.

Virgin Pride


ACBannersmallAn online magazine with information for couples looking to explore their sexuality together. Premieres in 2018. It is a project of the EU Journalism Department.

Adventurous Couples


We also have a number of independent projects:


AnywhereBannersmallAn open source project for developing tools to assist educators in creating visually compelling online classes.

Anywhere Classroom



This project collects and digitally archives books, art, and cultural artifacts relating to human sexuality. Tens of thousands of works have been archived and digitally restored.

The Sexual Heritage Preservation Project


There are a number of projects that utilize the digitally restored imagery of the Sexual Heritage Preservation Project.  Art from the project can be seen throughout the various departments of Erotic University. It is incorporated into on-line classes. It is also used in:


Sexand CensorshipBannersmallA five part series of classes on the history of censorship with tens of thousands of images and media. This is still under development.

Sex and Censorship


UnacceptableBannersmallHundreds of nude and erotic art images with information about the artists and the context of the art.

Unacceptable Nudity