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The Center for Sexual Expression and Education is a focal point for a multi-faceted approach to adult sex education. It includes web sites, books, magazine articles, special events, Internet radio, online technology development, and many creative approaches to reimagine what adult sex education can be.

The first and most difficult barrier is to help people move past the negative and often scientifically inaccurate information about sex that they have been exposed to their entire life. We want not just to inform, but to also widen people’s perspectives.

Philosophy and Guiding Principles

We believe that a fulfilling sex life leads to a richer life and better relationships. Our fundamental goal is to promote positive sexuality and educate to help listeners have a better sex life.

Exposure to adult products and entertainment can help demystify sex, as well as provide arousal and new sexual experiences.

All information on sexuality should be presented with the best scientific information available.

We respect the diversity of sexual expression between consenting adults.

We support the right of consenting adults to view, read, see, and participate in the sexual activities of their choosing without government interference or censorship.

The above right is meaningless when the government puts burdensome restrictions on the sales of adult materials and the places where sex related activities between consenting adults can take place.

While we oppose the sexual exploitation of minors, protecting minors is often an excuse to limit the rights of consenting adults. We support appropriate laws to protect minors, with an eye on minimizing the impact on the rights of consenting adults. Examples of overreach include COPA, DOMA and the 2257 record keeping restrictions that go far beyond their stated purpose of protecting minors.

We support a woman’s right to choose and the right to control her own body.

We believe that a woman’s right to choose is an empty choice when laws based on morality and not medical science are used to restrict her access to reproductive health care. In many states, access to abortion services has almost been legislated out of existence.  These laws violate her Constitutional right to privacy and her established Constitutional right to being able to choose whether to have a child or not.

Sex and sexual issues should be presented within a positive framework whenever possible.


Jeff and Kris Booth are the founders of the Center for Sexual Expression and Education. Both had careers in the entertainment industry, Kris had experience in business, Jeff had a technology background, and they also had been writing for many years. They stumbled into swinging and other alternative lifestyles, and were amazed by what they were learning and how much more there was to know about sex. They began writing about human sexuality, which gave them the opportunity to meet and talk with many top sex experts.

They realized that it could be helpful for others to have direct access to the people they had the opportunity to speak with in their research.  In 2003, they arranged for space in a downtown studio, and began offering classes featuring a variety of sex experts.

Wanting to reach a wider audience, they began development of online classes in 2005. Before it was completed, they had to take a decade long break from the project. By the time they started work again, online technology had advanced to the point where they could create something far more expansive than they originally imagined.

The CenterSEE family of web sites is the result of their efforts. Check out the projects page to learn more about the many different Web sites that are a part of CenterSEE.