Sexual Support

I feel quite fortunate to be able to move through so many wonderful sexual alternative communities. I am not personally bi, but my wife Kris is (she has even marched in the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade), and we occasionally host bi parties and we do attend various bi events. We have a long association with various nudist groups (some sexual and most not- well unless you look beneath the surface.) We have long been very active in the swinger community and host a number of parties. We have been to polyamory events, BDSM dungeon parties, parties with porn stars, foot fetish events, and to sex clubs and resorts.

While all of this contributes to our knowledge of human sexuality and makes us better sex educators, we also do it because of the people. They tend to be interesting and fun to be around, even beyond just the sex part (and we really do like the sex part.) To get to the point where you can successfully and comfortably navigate through the various sexual alternative communities requires you to develop strong social skills and to have worked through some of your own issues. You have to have thought about your own sexuality and what it is that you actually desire. These environments encourage and sort of require a certain amount of self-actualization.

Being a part of alternative sexuality groups is also a positive in that you discover that there are others like you. If you worry that you might be too kinky, you will quickly discover people much kinkier than you. You will also learn a lot from others who share similar sexual interests, and you might even discover sexual interests you did not even know you had.
There are many groups that have social events where you can just meet and mingle. These often take place in public venues. We are given so many negative messages about sexuality, I think it is very important to be in environments that are positively affirming and where you can just be yourself.

If you live far from a city you may be out of luck, but even most modest size cities have groups that support various interests. Let Google be your guide.