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My wife and I are Halloween obsessed, and we make it into a big deal at CenterSEE and hold a big annual Halloween sex party. We recently attended the annual Son of Monsterpalooza convention looking for ideas. You can read more more about it on Sex in Review in the Monsterous Sex article.

One of our theme rooms is the Tacky Tiki Terror room. Think Tiki bar in hell. I was looking for art that was sexy, Tiki themed, and horror themed. An impossible mission, you might think. I found three decorative items for the room- two pieces of art and an erotic Tiki themed horror comic.

Another themed room is Annabelle’s Room, inspired by the original Annabelle film and the just released sequel. It just so happened that they had the doll from the movie, and I snapped a picture of it. I turned it into what looks like a painting, and it will hang in Annabelle’s room.

There were some pictures that were interesting but not all that sexy, so I thought I would include them here.

One of the most amazing costumes was a perfect Chewbacca. He roared and was carrying the ripped off head of C3PO. He could make the head talk and make various sounds just by pressing different fingers together.


Another outfit made by a 17 year old was also impressive-


This life sized statue had a bleeding heart fountain inside and cool lighting.


Ronald McDonald’s severed head seems to be inappropriately staring at that woman.


Speaking of head, I can’t imagine anyone would want head from this guy-

I can’t wait for Halloween. At the same time, I am so glad it is still a month away as we are only half way done with the decorating.