Swinging and Diversity

My wife and I were at a swing party the other night, but we did not play. That happens sometimes. In this case, it was a smaller party, and we spent most of the time talking to really interesting people that we had not gotten a chance to talk much with in the past.

It got me to thinking about swing parties and the type of people who attend them. The great thing about it is that you develop a very diverse social circle with people from all different backgrounds.

Here in Los Angeles we have one of the most diverse populations in the country, with people from all over the world. There is the opportunity to get to know people with wildly different backgrounds and life experiences.

For someone like me who loves diversity and associating with people who are different from me, L.A. is the perfect place to be. I have had the opportunity to be intimate with women from Japan, China, Russia, India, Iran, the Czech Republic, Mexico, even Canada (some of the most polite sex you will ever have.) I have learned more about their cultures and in many cases spent time with their families and experienced their traditions and the food they grew up with. I have had sex with women of every ethnicity, including Native American. I have been greatly enriched by this intimate exposure to people who are not just like me. I think if we had more of that, there would be less racism and hate, something that now seems to be consuming our country.

L.A. is also a creative town. Among the people who often attend this fairly frequent swing party is a composer with his own orchestra, a successful playwright with productions all over the world, a number of actors, a movie director (mainstream- not porn), a television editor, an actual rocket scientist, and many other people with really interesting careers. These are people I would never have associated with otherwise. Through swinging I have gotten to know an Emmy winning producer, radio and television personalities, writers, sex experts, and so many others. We have friends in the industry from our years working in mainstream show business, but swinging has introduced us to many new people in the industry. Here in L.A. at least, swinging attracts some of the most fascinating people. That is one of the many many reasons I love L.A. and the people who live here.