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Behind the Scenes at AEE – Who Are You?

You shoot a lot of pictures of people at the Adult Entertainment Expo, and you have to keep track of them all and who everyone is. Sometimes getting to the person to get the proper spelling of their name (even when you think you know it) can be difficult because of the crowds around them. If you can spot a sign with their name on it or a photo with their name on the table, you can grab a quick shot of that, but by far the easiest is to just get a photo of their name tag. These are photos for reference and never get used. This year, though, I noticed three that were kind of sexy. They were of Hazel Marie, Jessica Fappit, and Kira Noir. You can’t see their faces in the shots below, but you will know who they are. They were all quite beautiful, bu there you get just a tiny glimpse.

Behind the Scenes at AEE 2018 Part 1

I have to admit that I have a fondness for women’s behinds. I also like shooting photos of women’s behinds. This is not something that is normally easily accommodated. Run around doing this at a mall and you will get kicked out or arrested. At the show, though, we journalists have permission to use our cameras. I try not to shoot civilians, though.  These photos are shot very quickly, as the time between target acquisition and target loss is very short. These are rather ephemeral views of the show- scenes that lasted for just the briefest of moments. Shooting from behind, while not including faces or expressions, does avoid the one thing that constantly happens when shooting an adult event- the immediate adoption of sexy girl poses by the models the moment that they see me with a camera. I am looking for something more natural.