AEE 2019 Behind the Scenes

It takes a lot of work to cover the Adult Entertainment Expo in as much detail as we do. We have two people covering the floor. It takes several days just to sort through all of the photos. This year we are also adding short video clips so that is even more to go through and edit.

Last year it took us into March to cover everything. I suspect the same will happen this year as we have so much information to report on. It takes a long time to sort through all the products, sort all of the information we got at the show, figure out the names of people in the photos, and organize it all into some kind of coherent narrative.

It takes long days at the show and long days putting it all together. But you probably guessed that. You may be here because you know that our annual behind the scenes coverage typically includes a lot of behinds. That is no different this year.

Because a family issue delayed our arrival at the show, we had less time than usual, so consequentially, we shot fewer butt shots this year. In the interest of my own laziness, I will just repeat what I wrote in last year’s much more extensive collection of shots:

“I have to admit that I have a fondness for women’s behinds. I also like shooting photos of women’s behinds. This is not something that is normally easily accommodated. Run around doing this at a mall and you will get kicked out or arrested. At the show, though, we journalists have permission to use our cameras. I try not to shoot civilians, though.  These photos are shot very quickly, as the time between target acquisition and target loss is very short. These are rather ephemeral views of the show- scenes that lasted for just the briefest of moments. Shooting from behind, while not including faces or expressions, does avoid the one thing that constantly happens when shooting an adult event- the immediate adoption of sexy girl poses by the models the moment that they see me with a camera. I am looking for something more natural.”

SO, without further ado, here are our behind the scenes photos…

At the Bad Dragon booth

At the Many Vids booth

A little adult time

Some bunny capers at the Motobunny booth
Checking out the Pornstar Signature Pussies

buffbunnygirl from Manyvids

lilcanadiangirl and Stella von Savage

At the Modelhub booth

At the MyFreeCams booth

Alexis Avery – The End