Appearing on Playboy Radio

by Jeff Booth

For three years, the Center for Sexual Expression and Education presented classes in downtown Los Angeles using the Erotic University name. Now Erotic University exists as a virtual online campus, but there was the real thing at one time. This archive contains remembrances from those very fun times.

I had to do a lot of promotion for the Erotic University events. Here is a recounting of my experience going on Playboy Radio:

This evening, I was a guest on Playboy Radio’s Nightcalls with Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon on the Sirius Satellite Network. It was a fun segment, but definitely one of the more unusual radio interviews I have done.

I walk into the studio and Christy is already topless. I’ve done a lot of radio interviews, and the last thing you’d want to see during most of them is one of the idiot adolescent shock jocks topless, so this was a pleasant change. I missed the lead-in, but apparently it is wet and wild night, which has something to do with Ginger pissing into a diaper. I missed the setup for that, and I am not completely sure that I was all that unhappy about missing the setup for that. The first thing they asked me was if I would use some latex polisher and rub it into Christy’s latex corset while she was wearing it.

Now this is all fine and well, but makes it much more difficult to do an interview and discuss the wonders of Erotic University classes. I talked about the uniqueness of our live classes and the amazing movie studio venue we have to do them in. At one point Ginger asked me to rub Christy’s breasts, which I did, but I think I might have lost the thread of the conversation for a moment.

The subject got onto our massage classes, and Ginger asked me if I would massage Christy. I pointed out that I was not the instructor for the class, and Christy says, “Oh, so are you dissing me?” “Not at all,” I replied, “I just didn’t want to oversell myself.”

She came over and I quickly realized that massaging two of her most accessible areas, her ass and her breasts, would make it impossible for me to do a good job with both the interview and with her respective parts. And, frankly, my ego came into play. Here was an opportunity to impress a porn star with my skills, and there is just not a lot you can do with breast and ass work when someone is standing and while you are trying to do an effective interview.

I decided to go with my strengths. “What usually works as a good place to get started is with the feet. I get a lot of practice with this, since my wife can have an orgasm from a foot massage.” So, for pretty much the rest of the interview, I worked on Christy’s feet. Clearly, I could not give it my full attention, but I think I did okay. Afterwards she said that in a quieter less distracting environment she probably could come from one of my foot massages. True or not, it was a nice little stroke of the ego which I appreciated.

I have no idea where they came up with our class list, as it was a couple of years old, so I had to kind of steer around that.  I talked a lot about our live classes and of course, what it is like to be an incredibly lucky fellow who gets to travel around having sex adventures with his wife and call it research.

Of course, I also tried to be funny. At one point, I mentioned how easy it was to get distracted with all of the things going on, so Ginger suggested instead of using my head I should talk from my dick. “I would,” I replied, “But it has a very high squeaky voice, and its just embarrassing.”

I had a good time, but usually I am more in control when doing an interview. In this case, though, they were clearly in charge and steering the bus, and my job was to enjoy the ride. An afternoon involving naked women is always a plus in my book (although it is much more difficult to answer questions as they were dressing and undressing).

I found both of them very gracious hosts. I’d met Ginger Lynn before when I had the opportunity to visit the set where she was directing her very first adult video. She did a great job, making everyone feel welcome and keeping everything running like clockwork. I very much enjoyed meeting Christy, who was very warm and friendly. All in all, it was one of my more pleasant radio interviews.