Our First Halloween at EU

For three years, the Center for Sexual Expression and Education presented classes in downtown Los Angeles using the Erotic University name. Now Erotic University exists as a virtual online campus, but there was the real thing at one time. This archive contains remembrances from those very fun times.

My wife and I typically make a big deal out of Halloween every year. You can read about this year’s Halloween event on our Sex in Review site. The article is The EU Halloween Party.

In our early twenties, when Kris and I were both working as magicians, we always worked on Halloween, and not always together. After we stopped performing, we decided to always keep Halloween in our hearts and do it right.  Once we got into swinging and started having parties, our annual Halloween party became legendary.

This particular year, though, we had just moved into a new home, and realized there was no way we could get everything out of boxes plus get all of the decorations up in time. So, we decided to make Halloween an EU event instead. We would start out with a class on sexual alternatives for couples, then move on to a big sexy couples only Halloween party. Here is what I wrote about that event:

We host our EU classes in a huge 30,000 square foot studio. The owners of the venue also provided the space for the Halloween event. They have a huge prop department, and they went all out in decorating for the event, creating a walkway through a cemetery with animated ghouls that popped up.

The party itself took place in a fully functioning set of a nightclub. It is not a real nightclub- it is never open to the public, but it has everything a nightclub has- bars, serving areas, tables, dance floor, lighting effects. It can be dressed in many different ways and has been used in movies as a restaurant, bar, etc. For this evening it was dressed as a strip club, with several stripper poles.

There were certainly lots of sexy costumes at the party. Since there was basically no restrictions on just how sexy, some of them showed off a lot of skin, and others showed off pretty much everything. And, of course, quite a few women could not resist the dance poles (including a couple of obvious professional dancers), and they managed to wind up without anything on at all.