Party at Erotic University

For three years, the Center for Sexual Expression and Education presented classes in downtown Los Angeles using the Erotic University name. Now Erotic University exists as a virtual online campus, but there was the real thing at one time. This archive contains remembrances from those very fun times.

To celebrate the announcement of our virtual campus version of Erotic University, we held a very fun evening at our downtown Los Angeles campus. The virtual campus, of course, never got off the ground at the time because of the onset of my neurological problems that would sideline me for the next several years and delay the official opening of the Erotic University Virtual Campus by more years than I could have imagined. At least it is finally here, and I also have great memories of what was a slightly premature celebration:

It started out with one of our most popular classes: Swinging 101. This is an opportunity for couples to learn from experts about how to get started in swinging, how to meet people, how to find clubs and parties, and all the basics to get started.

After that, it was on to Monte Carlo Night, where some 125 couples joined us for a fun evening of dancing and games. Having our campus in an actual movie and television studio (which has done so much to support us) works out great. They have an entire functional large night club set where people could gather, dance, and socialize.

The owners of the studio also went way above and beyond the call of duty. When we said we wanted to have an area for a topless blackjack dealer, and a strip poker tournament, they said great. Then they actually built two complete adjoining rooms decorated like a casino- one for poker and one for blackjack. These were complete with poker and blackjack tables, chips and other gambling equipment, plush seating, tapestries on the walls- everything. Fully furnished and decorated to look like upscale gambling rooms. It’s pretty cool when you have huge prop rooms you can pull whatever you need from and a crew that can build whatever you need.

As it turns out, though, our blackjack dealer never showed up! Amazingly, one of the women in our Swinging 101 class mentioned that she had been a professional dealer, and that yes, she was willing to get into the spirit of things and help out. She was great! She knew how to deal, kept things fun and moving, gave out lots of prizes, and had lots of people coming to her table to gamble and/or enjoy looking at her breasts. A big thank you from us, and a big box of goodies will be on the way in the mail as an additional thank you (we know she likes sex toys so we will send her enough to keep her busy for awhile). She really saved out butts!

Another big thank you to Ken (our poker dealer), and his wife, for making our Strip Poker Tournament such a success. This was sponsored by the World Strip Poker Federation (, an international organization for competitive strip poker play that we made up when we were developing our virtual campus.

At the time I did want to develop the World Strip Poker Federation into something real, albeit humorously exaggerated in its serious intent. There was a web site and everything.  That went by the wayside with the double whammy of my illness and our losing our venue.

Ken is a great friend, and one of the managers at the facility is also a good friend, and as it turns out, the two of them had been friends from several years back and had lost touch. Kris went and introduced them not knowing they already knew each other, and they were very happy to be able to reconnect. It was a great evening for all concerned.

Lots of couples participated in the Strip Poker tournament. I was busy coordinating things, so I was only able to poke my head in a few times, but there were always happy, semi-clothed people in there having a great time. Ken has trouped the boards as a professional comedian, so he knew how to keep them laughing as he kept them stripping.

The lovely co-founder of EU (and my wife) Kris was in charge of the Dice Game, which was in still another room dedicated to just this game. It was a big enough room for lots of people to gather. The Dice Game is very simple. Normally, you roll the dice with about 50/50 odds of winning. Since we had so many prizes (over $3500 worth, not including the big prize for the Strip Poker winners), Kris decided to let everyone skip the first step and become a winner- if they accepted the challenge. Basically, you roll the giant dice, and then in order to win the prize you must do the challenge that matches the number you rolled. The challenges were:

2. Win just for your good looks
3. Fake an orgasm
4. Flash the room
5. Get completely naked
6. Demonstrate a sexual skill of your choice
7. Get completely naked
8. Demonstrate your kissing skills
9. Flash the room
10. Demonstrate your seduction skills
11. Do a sexy dance
12. Win just for your good looks

Of course, they can always choose not to accept the challenge and not win the prize. The key to games like this is to give people the option of not doing anything, and to leave what they have to do open enough so that they can go as far as they feel comfortable. Almost everyone accepted their challenge and walked off with a prize.

It was very sexy to watch. Since this was a couples event, they always had the opportunity to do some of the challenges with their partner, but since Kris really likes women and we had some real beauties there that night, she was thrilled that so many of them asked if they could do 6, 8 and 10 with her. She loves kissing girls.

It was a great, sexy event, but very tiring for us. We were busy packing all day getting ready to move to our lovely new home (we move next week), so it is a crazy busy weekend. We got home by 2 am, but we also have an afternoon swing party to attend on Sunday. We may have packed a little too much into the weekend- but we don’t want to be all work and no play. Okay, maybe a lot of our work is play. Life is good.